Gemma will require some information from you prior to your reading; such as any questions you may wish to ask or if there is specific information or a situation that you would like her to focus on. You can put these on the questionnaire document that you download upon purchasing.


Your reading may come in the form of writing or a voice recording; as each of us is unique so are the souls that communicate with Gemma.


If required, Gemma will give you guidance on how to work with the information or healing that comes through from your reading.




If you have any questions or would like to talk to Gemma before booking your Soul Reading you can do via the contact information below.

Soul Reading


    • Purchase and download your Soul Reading Questionairre
    • Read through and write down your questions or information that you would like answered or to be focused on during your reading.
    • return your questionairre to Gemma via email
    • Gemma will carry out your reading and be in touch with you to let you know when your feedback will be sent and to see if you would like any further help or information.
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