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What is Holistic Life Coaching?

Updated: Jul 14

A life coach is someone who looks to offer support and guidance towards achieving goals. Be it personal, health or professional the aim is a sense of empowerment and improvement in your life.

There are many benefits to life coaching, not only do you gain a better understanding of yourself but along the journey you are most likely to realise a higher level of self confidence. The tools and guidance provided can really make a difference to you taking control of your life.

The Holistic Life Coaching offered here is aimed at restoring a sense of balance within which in turn creates balance in your life. Holistic Body Coaching gives you tools and guidance to assist in taking your health and happiness into your own hands, by helping you to begin listening to your body and its needs you will learn how to respond in the right way when your body is communicating with you.

Not only do we address the physical body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects making this a four-body or holistic therapy.

What happens in a session of Holistic Life Coaching?

We each have different characteristics and qualities that make us unique so we will begin the session with a questionnaire that will give great insight into your holistic self. After we then carry out a bespoke session of energy communication where we will question your body for it to point us to areas of disharmony or imbalance. Then we will begin forming a plan to help you move towards owning your health and happiness.

The therapies that are usually included during the session stem from, amongst others, Esoteric Healing, Inner Intelligence Communication and Ayurveda. We will also talk. a lot.

Ayurveda is an ancient way of living, it is more than 5000 years old and translated from Sanskrit means Life Knowledge, there is much to be learned from the simple principles of Ayurveda and we will use some of these principles within the session and your future plan. One of the fundamental elements of Ayurveda is how it tunes us into nature and its rhythms, by doing so we also tune into our body’s natural rhythm from which we can learn a great deal. Ayurveda has a system to help in discovering your unique identity which we will use, not only will this help tremendously in the session but will also help you gain a better understanding of yourself and perhaps, for example, why there are certain foods (although seemingly healthy) that can make you feel uncomfortable, tired or even gain weight rather than loose it.

Esoteric Healing will be used to address the state of your ethereal or energetic body, which in essence “speaks” to your body’s intelligence to heal which is usually always trying to communicate with you in its very subtle way, yet in modern society goes unheard.

We will communicate through your chakras which govern certain areas of your body so they can inform us of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of your being. From here, if required we will then question the organs, glands and systems of your body for them to inform us of their current state.

Once we have quite a clear picture will we talk and then begin putting together a plan for moving forward. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle changes, sleeping pattern changes, as well as introducing meditation and exercise or gentle stretching. It may also include suggestions such as journaling, gratitude and release exercises and much more.

Follow on sessions are recommended until you feel you are at a point where you can move forward with your tools and newly learned skills without any further assistance. This may mean one or many sessions.

Holistic Life Coaching can be beneficial for many issues, here are a few examples:

Improving diet and health

Learning to process emotions differently

Gaining or regaining balance in any aspect of your life

Implementing healthier lifestyle habits

Improving sleep

Improving moods

If you feel that a Holistic Life Coaching Session would be beneficial you can book a free consultation or a Holistic Life Coaching session on the book online page.

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