Healing from the Inside Out - A look at Esoteric Healing and its powerful subtlety

Updated: Feb 7

It is said within Esoteric healing that all dis-ease is due to our soul not following its true path. We stray from our purpose through our life choices - where we live, the job we choose, decisions we make, foods we eat, etc. The longer we go through life being conditioned and distracted away from our subtle calling, the more the soul and personality become un-harmonised causing energy blockages or imbalances.

When these blockages manifest into the physical they present symptoms which we then try to fix but the true cause can go unnoticed for years or even our entire lives; even when we implement self care routines and medications (conventional or herbal) the subtle cause of blocked energy can remain.

Many Eastern approaches to health such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda will describe how our living choices can have a huge impact on the physiology of our bodies.

Energy Healing can be seen as complimentary, Alternative and Preventative; its uses are many and it is beneficial for treatment of symptoms but more importantly it can help to identify causes of blocked energy, and identify if the blockage is emotional, mental or physical. Usually if the blockage has caused physical symptoms there will also be a blockage emotionally or mentally too.

The word Esoteric originates from the Greek word eso or esotero which simply means "within" over time the word has picked up some occult connotations which give an impression of exclusivity, but when we use the word for its original meaning we are given the simplest explaination - Healing from within.

So How does Esoteric Healing work? Healing is offered only, to assist you on your own healing path, not to heal you miraculously.

Working within the etheric body - which is a “layer” of the energy field - the healing facilitator will start by preparing themselves, then connecting with their soul and with the soul of the client. They will then offer the clients soul the healing energy and allow themselves to be a conduit for the energy to flow.

The basis of our work is that “energy follows thought” so the healing facilitator will trust that any thoughts that come during the healing session are that of the souls, the energy that is needed then follows.

The whole process is very relaxing, some people feel the energy or warmth, some see colours, some nothing at all – all are okay. Some notice a difference straight away, some a day or two, or even a week after, some after more than one session, some not at all, again this is okay too.

The healing is offered through thoughts of love and never forced or willed so the whole process is a relaxing, gentle experience.

Healing can be carried out in person or remotely which is just as powerful. Because the healing takes place within the energy field and in accordance with the soul the healing facilitator can be close by or far away as long as the connection is made the healing will take place.

We are each unique beings and will all experience Esoteric Healing differently, and so to with Healing Facilitators; each will have their unique way of working with the flow of energy, but the fundamental rule is that we always approach, offer and work with Love.

There are many issues that Esoteric Healing can be useful for, here are some examples...

Stress, Anxiety and Fear

Fatigue or exhaustion

Lack of Clarity

Emotional blockages or imbalances

General uplifting

Identifying illness (or assisting to)

If you would like to book a Healing session based on Esoteric Healing you can do so on the healing sessions page


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