Dissolving Energy Blockages

Intention, Awareness and Trust.

These three words are the key to your spiritual development and you probably use them more than you know.

The spiritual journey is often a very bumpy road. Growth isn’t easy and it takes all your might to get to the other side. You have to be willing to face parts of yourself you thought you’d buried but in doing so you release them and when you make space with that release it makes room for the bigger and better you.

This is much the same as energy blockages, after all everything is energy and a blockage of any kind will be energy in some form meaning that setting the intention to dissolve the energy blockages you are feeling will almost certainly dissolve the aspect of the blockage i.e. emotional, mental, physical etc.

So how do we begin?

Usually the toughest part is bringing awareness to the blockage because we aren’t always allowing ourselves to perceive the blockage in the first place but if your intuition is telling you that you have blockages you need to dissolve then trust it and bring awareness to that.

Next you set your intention to allow yourself to open up and free yourself of any energy blockages within your energy field. Here is an example of an intention you could use...

I am ready to bring awareness to any blockages within my energy field. With this awareness I set the intention to allow myself to dissolve these blockages creating free flow of energy and space for new and positive things to enter my field.

I trust that whatever releases at this time has done so at the right time and speed for me and I trust that I am ready for this process to be carried out.

Much like shadow work there may be things that come up that you may not be prepared for and as mentioned before sometimes growth comes in slightly unpleasant ways, but knowing that the purpose of clearing is a positive one is very important to keep in mind. After all spring and summer follow the darkest days of winter and the new life of spring is always beautiful.

Meditation to dissolve energy blockages:

You will need a candle for this meditation, and you can also ask a crystal to help amplify the healing.

Sit quietly and light your candle, whilst doing so invite your spirit guides to join you.

Close your eyes and set the intention of allowing the light of the candle to cleanse and dissolve any energy blockages with the assistance of your crystal. You can also ask the fire dragons to assist the flame in doing so.

Begin by visualising the healing light created by the flame around your entire energy field, letting it surround you and fill you with light.

Now visualise the light flowing through your chakras, one at a time beginning at the base chakra at the base of your spine. At each chakra trust your feeling and sense the flame, crystal and dragons working to cleanse and dissolve any blockages.

Spend as long as you need at each chakra and focus your attention on feeling the energy of the healing light and the fire dragons working to dissolve the energy blockages, notice how the energy changes once the blockages have been dissolved.

After the base chakra, move on the sacral chakra and feel the energies, you may notice that you instinctively take a deeper breath which is helping you release the dissolved energy.

After the Sacral Chakra, move your attention to the solar plexus, then the heart, the throat, the third eye, the crown. Do so entirely in your own time; allowing the feeling of the energy guide you to move on.

At the crown chakra, once you sense the blockages dissolve, take a moment to notice how much lighter you feel.

Now focus your attention to your stellar gate chakra, an arm’s length above your head; this is where universal energy pours down through you filling you with light.

Feel the space you have created throughout your body filing up with the universal energy pouring in from the stellar gate and down through your soul star chakra, causal chakra, entering at your crown chakra, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, base, and down to the soles of your feet and to your earth star chakra just below them, visualise yourself filled with a stream of pure light, free flowing through you.

Ask your earth star chakra to anchor this beautiful light keeping it flowing through you.

If you wanted to you could take a moment to visualise the light you have anchored radiating out from you in all directions touching every living cell of all beings on the planet and to mother Earth herself, filling them with light, spreading a web of light to all.

Before you open your eyes gently bring your awareness back to the room around you, the sounds, and the floor beneath your feet.

When you are ready open your eyes.

Thank the light, crystal, fire dragons and spirit guides for assisting you and blow out the candle.

Notice how much lighter you feel.

I hope this visualisation is helpful, I would love to hear how it went for you.

Loving Blessings,


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