Healing Sessions

Healing is a personal and unique journey. There are many ways you can learn to practice self-healing but sometimes assistance is required.

As for all of us, Gemma’s entire life has been a series of learning opportunities that have helped to progress her own growth, but also to equip Gemma with experiences which allow her to assist you on your path.


We are each differing expressions of energy experiencing the earth school to discover our true purpose, learn unconditional love, and harmony. To do so we have to experience the lessons we chose as a soul when entering this lifetime. Ultimately, what is out of balance within us is there for a reason; for us to grow and learn from it. When we do, we become balanced and harmonious.


Energy healing is a great way to assist this process, the more often you connect with your soul energy the more

in-tune you become, allowing you to begin hearing your intuition more clearly.


Through practice and dedication Gemma has developed a unique way of communicating with your energy, this allows her to facilitate your healing journey and to relay to you what your body is trying to communicate to you, all the while deepening your own soul connection.


Health and happiness is in our own hands, once we re-learn how our energy communicates with us, we feel how empowering this ability really is. As well as to help you heal, Gemma’s role is to equip you with tools and practices that will help you take back responsibility for your health and happiness, and assist you on your spiritual journey.

  • A Revitalising Holistic Healing Session Intuitvely Created For You.

    1 hr 15 min

    43 British pounds
  • A Gentle Healing Chakra balance for realignment

    45 min

    29 British pounds
  • A Bespoke Card Reading that Heals

    1 hr

    32 British pounds
Portsmouth - Havant - Emsworth, Hampshire, UK