Each holistic body healing session will be intuitively led by what is required by you at the time.

As well as discussing what you feel you need Energy Healing and Inner-Intelligence communication will be used to create a fuller picture of what is causing your disharmony.

You will be asked to completely relax whilst healing and communication takes place. You may feel a warmth or vibration throughout your body as energy blockages are dissolved.

This four body treatment will help install a sense of balance and calm within you leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed, as well as begin, or deepen a relationship with your intuition and your body's way of communicating its self healing abilities. Energy heling can also assist in raising your vibration, heal any current energy blockages and soothe symptoms.

After the session Gemma will discuss with you what your body and energy were communicating. You will be given any messages or recommendations that were intuitively suggested during your session such as guiance from your soul, diet changes if your digestive system communicated so, or introducing herbs or routines into your daily life.

Gemma has a vast array of techniques and knowledge that she synergistically blends together to create a unique treatment for you.


  • Stress, anxiety, or burnout

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Nerve pain & Sciatica

  • Exhaustion or fatigue

  • Bereavement

  • Muscle or joint pain

  • Chronic disorders

  • Complementary to conventional medicine

  • Identifying imbalances within the body

  • Identifying underlying emotional causes of imbalance

  • General wellbeing


60 - 90 minutes session - £43

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