Soul Purpose Coaching

A Session to Assist You in Discovering Your Soul Purpose

£43    1hr 15m

Using a blend of techniques including Numerology, Soul Plan, Spiritual guidance & accessing the higher halls of the Akashic Records Gemma can assist you in beginning your journey of discovering your Soul's true purpose.


We each have a deeper meaning to our journey here at this time, this session will give you some tools to begin asking the right questions and to making the first steps in activating your Soul Purpose.


Acknowledgement of seeking our soul purpose instigates our journey, after this session you will likely find yourself experiencing things with a slightly different perspective.


Our soul is our subtle essence and holds the blueprint of our lives as well as our skills and experiences from previous lives which will be of benefit to us in this life.


Discovering your soul's whisper is a fullfilling experience and forms a huge part of holistic healing.

Sessions can be carried out in person or via video call.

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Energy Healing for Mind, Body & Soul
Hayling Island, Hampshire
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