Soul Purpose Reading

Find guidance and direction from your soul with an Akashic Records Reading

£35      1 hour

Through Connection and permission of your Soul Gemma is able to access the Higher Realms of the Akashic Records and ask for any information and messages that may be available for you at this time.


Perhaps you are wondering what your life purpose is or you may be at a crossroads in your life, An Akashic Records reading is information for you from your soul.


Here's how it works....


When you have booked your session Gemma will email you to ask if there are any specific questions or guidance that you are seeking.


Once Gemma has this information from you she will access the Higher Halls of the Akashic Records to seek the guidance you desire.


Gemma will then send you feedback in written form or voice recording, depending on how your soul chooses to relay the information.

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