What is Healing?

"Healing is the transfer of energy from source to the recipient promoting self healing, relaxing the body, releasing blockages and enducing calm and self growth. The role of a healing practitioner is to facilitate the healing journey through love and service"

Energy Healing

Alternative Medicine comes in all shapes and forms, from homeopathy or herbalsim to massage. Behind it all is the belief that to heal our body we have to be viewed as a whole; physical body as well as emotions, thoughts and soul. Energy healing, or spiritual healing underlies all alternative medicine. Each modality is a singular expression of healing energy.

Energy healing on its own is a high vibrational form of alternative medicine, it seeks to unblock the energy system which is the foundational building block of our entire being.

Conventional medicine has its uses but generally only seeks to rectify the symptoms that are being presented. Holistic Healing, especially Energy Healing acknowledges that symptoms are the body's language, they are how the body communicates that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Energy healing specifically looks below the surface, reading the flow of energy through the body and sensing any areas that are not free flowing. A trained practitioner has essentially learned how to interperate the energy's language

and will endevour to assist in the communication between the person and the bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Energy is everything. We are each a differing expression of energy and this is what makes us all unique. Energy is everywhere and connects or surrounds everything. Energy Healing takes place within the energy field and a healing facilitator works by sensing the energy within the energy field rather than placing hands on the physical body. Through alignment with the loving source of universal energy the healer is able to connect to the one they seek to heal through thought and intention, the healing energy then follows the intended thought to the person being healed. No matter how near or far the two people, healing takes place through the healing facilitator offering themselves as a conduit to direct the healing energy to where it is needed.

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