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Holistic Body Healing

The Beauty of Holistic Body Healing is that it is continually growing and evolving, just as we are.


Holistic Body Healing is an energy healing modality created by Gemma Jones. It is based on the belief that each of us is unique, meaning that our healing journey should also be unique. Holistic Body Healing looks to treat the four bodies of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Holistic Body Healing is beneficial because it looks at every aspect of your being, and as well as igniting you on your path to healing, goes one step further by helping you to identify what may be holding you back from pure heart centred living - the cause of your dis-harmony or dis-ease.

Gemma has been practicing different modalities of healing for over six years and continues to practice & study further in order to deepen her service and offerings. Using a synergistic blend of holistic practices that treat the four bodies, and by tapping into the inner intelligence of the body Gemma assists you in re-igniting the ability to self heal and in bringing harmony and equilibrium back to your whole being.

Gemma began Soul Readings in 2020 after re-discovering her ability to enter the Akashic Records and the Halls of Amenti. Using her soul connections Gemma can help you to discover your life purpose, heal traumas from past lives, seek soul guidance & clarity, and essentially assist you on your spiritual and healing pathways. Soul Readings can be a very useful tool on your healing journey.

The heartfelt intention behind Holistic Body Healing is to empower and facilitate your healing journey allowing you to live a balanced life in alignment with your soul. 

What others have to say about working with Gemma...

"Starting sessions with Gemma has truly changed my perspective on life and the way I approach situations, emotions and daily self care. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but as soon as I leave a session I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I can take on life in a new way. My husband says he can see the difference physically each time. I haven't had a session that doesn't feel like it has tapped into my soul and higher self giving me a deeper understanding of my life's purpose and how to move forward in some of the hardest situations of my life. 2020 has been challenging and I feel that Gemma and her gifts were brought into my life at the perfect time and I am so greatful." Xxx

— Nicole, Chichester
  • A Revitalising Holistic Healing Session Intuitvely Created For You.

    1 hr 15 min

    43 British pounds

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